How To Keep Your Travel Goal For 2022

We’re feeling 22! Who’s excited for the new year? Lots of people have created their New Year Resolutions, and we’ve seen a lot of resolutions to increase travel! We’ve put together our favorite tips to help keep that goal! Check it out below!

Purchase Your Plane Ticket In Advance 

According to numerous studies, you can get the cheapest flights between 4 months and 3 weeks from your travel date. Try booking on Monday or Tuesday for even more savings! Google Flights also offers a tracking service, which continually keeps you updated with the current price of your flights! 

Alert Your Bank and Credit Cards Of Your Travel Plans

One of the most frustrating things is getting to your destination and your card being declined! Make sure to let your bank and cards know about your travel plans to avoid them thinking it’s fraudulent charges! 

Be Flexible and Don’t Overplan 

While having a plan and booking activities early is important, make sure to allow time to relax and explore off the beaten path!

Pack It Up

Packing can be such a pain, utilize packing cubes to save space and help keep everything organized!

Bookmark Places On Instagram To Visit

One of the best places to find unique and upcoming spots to visit is Instagram! You can search by the location tagging feature used by most Instagrammers which allows you to see the exact spots they visited!


As we continue to navigate our way through the pandemic, make sure to check out restrictions and regulations for your travel destination!

Where are you looking forward to visiting this year?

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