Meet Our Pets & Tips For Traveling With Your Furry Friends!

Happy National Pet Month!

Each of our stays are pet friendly, and we are thrilled to be sharing our favorite tips for making those travel days as smooth as possible with your furry friends! We also will be sharing all of the pets loved by Silver Street! Follow along below!


  • Choose Pet Friendly Stays

This is an easy one when you stay with us! All of our accommodations are pet friendly, and we even have special stays that include amenities such as fenced in back yards for your pup to stretch their legs.

  • Make Your Vacation Their “Home Away From Home”

Traveling to a new place can be scary for your pet! Make sure to bring along things that make them feel at home, such as their favorite toys, beds, treats, bones or blankets.

  • Research The Best Activities To Do With Helpful Sites

Not sure what to do? Bring Fido is an extremely helpful travel directory including restaurants, activities, and more! You can also ask your local host during your stay.

  • Hydration Is Key!

Pets can very easily get dehydrated which can lead to fatigue, upset stomachs and more. Make sure your travel buddy feels his best by having access to water. Our favorites are collapsable water bowls that can attach to purses, backpacks and more!

  • Be Mindful Of Car Sickness and Upset Stomach’s!

While dehydration can lead to an upset tummy, being conscious of your pets food intake before a long car ride or travel day is another way to make sure that their stomach stays happy. It’s recommended that you skip a meal before embarking on your journey to reduce the risk of car sickness.


  • Packing Checklist

When making your packing list for yourself, use this helpful guide to make sure you are fully prepped for your furry friend to0!

-Food (to cut down on bulk, think about prepackaging their meals in small plastic bags!)

-Water Bowls (there are many mobile friendly options that make sure you are never caught without something to drink for your pup!)

-Toys,Treats,Bones,Blankets,Beds (All their favorites and something to remind them of home!)

-Travel Crate (Perfect for traveling, down time and when they stay behind when you’re headed to do other activities!)


Where are you headed next with your pet?


Meet all the pets loved by Silver Street!

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