Jennings State Forest Adventure Guide

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I’ve lived in Jacksonville, FL on and off for about ten years now and I’m ashamed to admit, I had never done anything like what I describe below, nor did I know that such an adventure was possible so close to home. At Silver Street Management we understand that vacation time is sacred. And if you like to spend your vacations like I spend mine, about 45 minutes away from our property in Keystone Heights and several other of our centrally located Jacksonville units lies Jennings State Forest. 24000 acres of beautiful pine, oak, and palmetto just waiting to be explored. Well maintained and mapped hiking trails, horseback trails, picnic areas and camp sites throughout the forest offer the ability to go fishing, hunting, and kayaking all within an easy drive from downtown Jax.

The sign stands in the woods.

Check out the FWC website for more details on seasonal rules. (

I chose to use my sacred time with my phone in airplane mode for a couple days, fishing in my kayak down the North Fork of Black Creek. I launched my kayak at North Fork Recreation Area which is a great place for an afternoon picnic and swim, anglers use this area often so watch for hooks! You will want to swim though, trust me, the cool water is a blessing in this Florida heat. Black Creek is spring fed and isn’t tidally influenced until about 10-15 miles downstream, so this portion is molded by rainfall and constant flow of spring water.

The trees surround a small pond.

Beginner kayakers, canoers, boaters of all kinds, please hire an instructor, guide, or take an experienced person with you when doing something like this trip. Let them teach you how to use your boat and paddle the correct way. This was by no means the hardest thing you’ll ever do, but it WAS NOT a lazy stroll down the creek. I did this trip after some heavy rainfall, but it still surprised me that there were actual rapids in some places. To go along with those rapids there were legit obstacles that you had to maneuver around. Tight turns were necessary in a few places to stay on route through the current, and at certain points you’ll find yourself pick up a good amount of speed if you let yourself! That said, with so many obstacles in the way, it took me six hours to go eight miles downstream. There was a lot of stopping and tugging that kayak over logs. I ended my adventure at Knight’s Landing where I found a tree worth climbing and jumping off of and cool water worth wading around in after a physical paddle! If you crave some adventure, get a buddy and do this trek. I will absolutely be doing this again.

The trees surround the body of water.

If you have a phobia of spiders, do not do this. You will run into a tree branch, they will come into your boat or onto your body and you will freak out. Be brave. You’ll be able to duck under or maneuver around as many obstacles as you can, but eventually you will come to a total block. One that is impassable while in the boat or the water. I suggest using a much lighter kayak than I did because when you come across this type of obstacle, you will have to portage your boat. Keep a pair of boots, socks, and a towel to dry your feet and hands in a dry bag and thank me later. There were also some logs a couple inches below the surface that I was able to get out of the kayak and swim the boat over. Please be careful when you do this! The current is stronger than you think in some of these places and that can be bad news for those that aren’t strong swimmers. WEAR YOUR PERSONAL FLOATATION DEVICE!


A note of warning: Florida wilderness can be dangerous
. There are snakes, gators, spiders, and more in this state.

Enjoy the adventure! Until next time.

~ Jason

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