Family Travel Guide To Nashville TN

Hi Y’all!  

Margot here, Silver Street Management’s Nashville Property Manager.  I have lived in Nashville for over five years, have three littles (ages 8, 6, and almost 2), and am here to give you the scoop on all the best “must dos” if you’re traveling here with the kids!  Broadway is certainly a draw but is only kid friendly during the daytime and preferably weekdays.  The reason they call us “NashVegas” is because Broadway IS always busy and doesn’t really “sleep” but you can certainly get lunch and hear some great music if that’s your cup of tea. 

Here are some other amazing options for you and your family:

The Nashville Zoo at Grassmere



Insider Tip: Sometimes the annual membership is cheaper than the individual tickets, especially if you plan to come more than once!  

Don’t miss: The beautiful new Andean bear and Sumatran tiger exhibits, with a bonus prairie dog spot just outside for the smaller kiddos.  The ladies’ restroom next to the prairie dogs has a view-in exhibit with a monkey inside!  It’s one of the nicest restrooms in the park—a MUST if you need a potty stop!

Nestled in a bamboo forest, the zoo is actually quite shady even on a hot summer day.  Standout kid-friendly exhibits are the kangaroos (you can pet them!), the giant tortoises (you can feed them some lettuce for a few $$), and the lorikeet landing (same story—you can buy a small cup of nectar to feed them!).  There is also a zoo train for smaller kids, a zipline for older kids, and a newly renovated playground.  My only parent tip about the playground is it’s a bit of a “zoo” (pun intended) so please ensure you keep close eyes on your kiddos and have a meet up spot established!  Other fun features are a rope bridge, carousel, petting zoo, and veterinary center that you can visit to see baby animals.  We LOVE the zoo!