Thanksgiving Travel & Tradition Guide

Hi friends! 

It’s officially the start of the holidays! We are so excited to bring you some of our favorite holiday traditions in our cities where we host, as well as some tips for making sure your Thanksgiving travel is seamless and stress free. Check it out below! 

We’ll start off with our beloved Jacksonville, where we host the most guests each year! Jacksonville has some very fun traditions, the largest one being Pete’s Giving. Located at Neptune Beach at Pete’s Bar on Thanksgiving Day from 9AM to 1PM, this celebration has been a tradition for over 35 years. Find out more.

Heading up north to Chicago, the annual Thanksgiving Parade, “Chicago’s Grand Holiday Tradition” will be hosted from 8am to 11PM on Thanksgiving Day. There will be marvelous ballon floats, equestrian and dance acts, and more! Find out more.

Making a quick trip to Nashville, where fun Thanksgiving traditions take a music city flair with a complete list of concerts, music, special events and food offerings! For a full list click here.

Now for the top tips to make sure that your Thanksgiving travel is a breeze! 

  1. Allow Extra Time. Thanksgiving is one of the most popular times to travel, so make sure to allow yourself extra time when flying or driving!
  2. Double Check Your Reservation Details. 3-4 Days before your check in, look at your details for reservations including flights, rental cars, rental homes, restaurants, etc to make sure everything will be set when you arrive.
  3. Review Your Check In Instructions. 72-48 hours before check in, review your details so you know when and where to arrive, along with your units specific check in instructions!
  4. Reserve Activities Early. Everything books out much farther in advance so make sure you’ve got your itinerary set early!

What are your Thanksgiving plans? 

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